Smart Mobile Identity

Smartphones have changed the way people work, live, and play. Now they will revolutionize the way we verify identity — anytime, anywhere.

Add the remarkable advancements of smartphones to the power of iris, fingerprint and other biometrics. The result is Smart Mobile Identity, a new category of identity verification that is accurate, intuitive and non-intrusive. It is the ideal solution for a vast array of applications where biometric identity verification was impractical, cost prohibitive, or impossible.

Today’s world presents wide-ranging needs for identity verification: delivery of government and social services, border management, public safety, healthcare, and finance all require some form of identity. These applications require highly portable, yet connected, computing capability. They also benefit greatly from the versatile nature of the smartphone, the vast array of available apps, and the ability to easily develop customized apps to enhance and streamline the service to be delivered, in addition to providing an advanced capability for existing mobile biometric applications.

Building on our background of making the fastest, easiest-to-use, most accurate biometric systems in the world, we’re excited to launch the first of our Smart Mobile Identity products: Stratus, by Terrain Biometrics.

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